Hearing tests for Children

Northside Audiology is a well known and highly respected hearing testing centre with over 12 years of experience and professional expertise in hearing testing, hearing assessments and hearing evaluation for all ages.

Hearing Tests for Infants - Our neo-natal audiologists test infants using a technique called Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE). Don’t be put off by the hi-tech sounding name - OAEs are a quick and painless test of the inner ear’s response to sound. The test gives a reliable indication if there is sufficient hearing for normal speech and language development.

Hearing Tests for Toddlers - For toddlers and children, we make the testing process a fun-filled experience for every child. Babies who can sit upright and toddlers are tested using a puppet show to train a response to sound that comes from a speaker. This test provides more information than the OAE test, in that it tests the child’s response and not just the response of the ear to sound. The overall hearing of both ears is assessed using this test. The test is painless, fun for the child and usually requires 30 minutes to complete.

Hearing Tests for Children - For children aged 3-6 years, the hearing for each individual ear is assessed by asking the child to respond to sounds in the form of a series of fun and enjoyable puzzles and games using headphones. The test is painless, fun for the child and usually requires 30 minutes to complete.

Testing Your Hearing - From age 7 to adulthood, hearing tests (audiometry) are conducted using headphones and a wide range of sounds. The tests check your response to sound tones, your ability to discriminate speech at different levels of loudness and the health of your middle ear by testing the ear drum’s ability to move (tympanometry). This test is completely painless and is used to check for hearing loss. The results may also be used to help diagnose medical conditions associated with hearing loss. The test usually requires 30 minutes to perform. If you have other symptoms such as a ringing in the ears (tinnitus), dizziness or hearing loss in only one ear, then we may also perform a test called Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR). ABR tests the auditory pathway all the way to the brainstem. It is also completely painless and only takes about 20 minutes to complete.